P.S. 99's 
Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a balanced child who functions within a safe and secure environment. We strive to produce in our diverse school community a respect for each other and for the environment.

We help our students develop a love of learning while striving for excellence. Mobilizing our collective talents as parents and teachers, we will work to ensure that each child:

  • develops a love and need to read

  • experiences writing for a variety of purposes

  • develops the ability to understand and solve mathematical problems

  • develops the ability to use and integrate technology into his/her life

  • experiences the arts

  • develops an appreciation of the responsibilities and privileges of living in the United States of America

We add to the richness of the lives of our students by engaging the resources of staff, parents, cultural institutions and community.

P.S. 99's Instructional Focus

Building teacher capacity to enable all students to actively participate in classroom discussion, utilizing ENL protocols, "Think, Jot, Pair, Share" and "Echo, Explain, Elaborate, "Give One, Get One," and "Talk Detectives."

Upcoming EventNov   Nov 4th -Meet The Candidates         Assembly

  Grades 3&5   9:15

    Grades 4&6   10:00

Nov 5th - Election Day

(No School for Students)

Nov 6th- Student Council                                      Elections

                Safety Meeting

               Library 8:45 AM

           PA After school program                     registration session 2

3-5 PM Main Building

Nov 7th-   Summit Meeting

Nov 8th-    P.A Afterschool                                   Registration

                        3-5 pm

 Nov 11th Veterans Day

                   (School Closed)

Nov 12thParent Workshop

                   " Pantry Math"

                      8:45 Library

                     Open School

             Grades K,1,2  8:45-9:45

Nov 14th- Parent Teacher                                     Conferences

    (Afternoon 1-3pm, Eve 5-8)

Nov 15Tea with the Principal

                ( 8:30 Library)

       Birthday Celebration Day

      Open School Grades 5&6

                  8:45-9:45 AM 

Nov 18th-    SLT Meeting

Nov 19th-    Parent Workshop

              "Candle in the Making"

                 8:30 am at P.S.220

              62-10 108st Forest Hills

Nov 21st   P.A General                              Membership meeting 6-8 pm

P.A Workshop

"Understanding IEP and obtaining Resources"

Nov 22nd-   Parent Workshop

  " How to help your child Succeed"

8:30 Library

Nov- 28th and 29th -School Closed



82-37 Kew Gardens Road

Kew Gardens, NY, 11415

​Tel: 718-544-4343 

​Fax: 718-544-5992