Parent Workshops

8:45 am-Library

  • Jan 8th -Enhancing your child's participation in class. discussions.  

  • Jan 14th- Parent Workshop for "Garden of Whispers"

  • Jan 29th - How to promote Self-Esteem in a child with special needs.

  • February 17th- Preparing your child for NYS ELA and Math tests.

  • February 26th- What Bullying is and is not-Strategies for prevention.

  • March 12th- Understanding ICT and Self-Contained Classes.

  • April 9th - Community Health Resources.

  • April 16th- Don't be silent witness to Bullying: Be an up-stander!

  • May 7th- Preparing for NYS 4th Grade Science Exam.

  • May 21st - How to use your Summer wisely.

NYS Test Preparation Workshop